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Living Trust/Will - "A gift to your loved ones"

July 28, 2015; Jackie Soto, All County Document Services

Living Trusts

In today's busy and hectic society most of us are working hard, spending time with family and getting things taken care of that affect the 'here and now' and sure we take care of our future setting up savings plans, retirements, life insurance policies and etc., but what about the future for our loved ones when we are no longer in the 'here and now'?   Some of us don't like to think of this and would just as soon push this to the side, and I do say this subtly, 'at the expense of our loved ones'. Without us realizing it we are harming our loved ones by not setting up Estate Planning documents such as a Living Trust, Will, Durable Power of Attorney (Financial) and Advanced Healthcare Directive. 

All County Document Services is currently offering an "All In One Special" that includes these exact documents due to numerous client's visiting my office to have my office prepare their estate documents due to 'their loved ones' failing to prepare these estate documents and realizing they do not want to put their loved ones through the same situation they found themselves in, probating their deceased family members estate; this process can take 1-3 years, is very costly, time-consuming and your loved ones simply have no time to go through the grieving process.  Here are just a few examples:

Grandparents who were forced to litigate their Grandparents rights due to the fact that both the Mother (their Daughter) and the Father of their Grandchildren died in a horrific auto accident leaving no Will and/or "Guardian" for their two daughters; 

A Daughter-In-Law, who although her Father-In-Law had a Will in place when he passed, he did not have a Living Trust, and with a Will only, it is required to go through the court system and/or probate. Her deceased father-in-law had stocks that were of high value when he passed. However, unfortunately, by the time probate was complete, the stocks fell so low they were worth 30% less! 

A Daughter who was forced to file emergency hearings to gain access to her Father's Safe Deposit Box, and although it was actually considered an estate of small value, the bank that housed the Safe Deposit Box refused to allow her to gain access without a court order by a judge.

How Living Trusts Can HelpThese are just a few of the examples that I have witnessed first-hand and that is why I urge all my family, friends and the readers to not put this very necessary and important duty to our loved ones off any longer; put in writing today what you want to happen with your estate for 'tomorrow'.  All County Document Services is currently offering a Special to include a Living Trust, Pour-Over Will, Durable Power of Attorney (Financial), Advanced Healthcare Directive and a Deed (if necessary) all for $450.00 to include notary fees; I created this special due to my personal experience helping others in the probate process and how difficult it is for them.  This is such a tough subject to talk about, but I think that it is a very important subject matter to just 'put out there', if I can get just one person to not have to wait until they are put in these circumstances such as the examples I have given you as to my client's, to realize that it should be taken care of, then I feel I have done right by at least that one person and their many family members and loved ones, as it is a trickle down affect. Call our office today 951-207-1185 or 951-272-5855 to get started in 'Helping your loved ones today, for their future tomorrow'.

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